Vapor Products Aren’t the Same as Cigarettes

Phil Daman, Sacramento Bee, August 3, 2015
The vapor industry continues to support sensible regulation, such as prohibitions on selling to minors, reasonable licensing requirements and child-resistant packaging. Therefore, it was a big surprise when Sen. Mark Leno refused to accept the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee’s amendments that would have adopted these exact measures to his bill. Leno’s new bill, Senate BillX2 5, is one of several pieces of legislation to be debated in a special session this month, which again will seek to equate vapor products and e-cigarettes with tobacco. Some of the other new bills call for banning vaping in vape shops and allowing local jurisdictions to tax tobacco. We believe vapor products are technology products, not tobacco products, and are adamantly opposed to equating the two. Simply put, vapor products contain zero tobacco. They have quickly created a new industry that provides thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in revenue and, most importantly, the potential to improve the health of millions of people seeking an alternative to cigarettes.