An open letter to all of our customers

As many of you are aware, there are numerous regulations coming soon that will drastically affect the Vaping industry.  The FDA, city and state of New York all have regulations that have either already taken effect or will be in the very near future.  While the fights continue, personally, I believe they will amount to the end of almost all Vape Shops in the United States and eliminate online sales.  All of this has lead me to the difficult decision to close The Five Ten.

As of the writing of this message, the plan is to continue operations until September 16.  That is the day of the Austin Street fair where we will say farewell from our last booth.  The store will be open until 6:00pm and not open again.

Starting today, and for as long as supplies from our wholesalers last, we will special order any products you would like to have as backups.  This includes coils, replacement glass, proprietary driptips, and parts for devices that you purchased from us or elsewhere.  For Bonvape liquids we will only be ordering ONE MORE TIME before we close but we will take preorders for 4oz bottles or (30ml bottles in quantity) of your favorite flavor and strength. (Eliquid has a shelf life of 12-18 months when stored properly) We will require payment in advance of special orders but if you pay cash we will cover the taxes for you.

Finally, from Peter, Collin and Phil, thank you for all your support over the last 5 years. We set out to help as many people as we could to transition from tobacco cigarettes to vaping and have well over 8,000 success stories.



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